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Famous shapes

by Luca Casamassima on March 20, 2019

Is there the right frame to frame the face?

The classic emblem that assails anyone when choosing the glasses that best match the shape of their face.
There are different schools of thought and, alas, they often disagree.
Rather than repeating ourselves and telling you what you know well by now, let's try to go deeper to understand not only which shapes combine best, but also try to discover which style they intertwine with.
In order to talk about trends, however, we have to deal with rather famous faces and understand which of our brands have been chosen this season and with which shapes they have been combined.

Shapes matter

Before finding out which combinations are recommended and chosen by our stars, let's recap the eyewear trends of the 2019 season.
Let's start with the cat-eye style in version 3.0, a frame that recalls the feline shape but also the futuristic Matrix style that we loved so much at the beginning of the new century.
We then move on to the curvy shape chosen by many brands for the summer season , which sway on the face with sweet and sinuous lines and play with bolder colors.
We then return to the timeless design with its angular and detailed shapes that favor chiaroscuro and absolute dark.
To conclude, we remind you that daring always has its reason: super strange shapes now represent a must in current proposals and never cease to amaze us.

Banality never touches us, in every proposal you will find the taste of those who always seek the unusual, the best, the original.

The design of the face

It's really true: it's the details that make the difference.
The face of each of us is very complex to describe or attribute to a category, even if we spent hours and hours looking at ourselves in the mirror.
We can, however, depending on the shape that outlines our face, try to match the most "right" glasses while being certain that there are many others left that could still be special on our face.

What our famous faces chose


The Matrix-style eyewear trend is evolving but showing no signs of dying out.
Small sunglasses barely on the nose are confirmed as a must for the new season.
The Andy Wolf label has made highly intricate and intergalactic incarnations and the list of celebrities who have chosen its pieces includes Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid and the legendary Rihanna .
We want to associate this model with those who boast sweet features and have a fairly small head shape. We advise against those who have a conformation with these characteristics glasses that are too large since they would hide the details of the face which, as we have already said, are important.


The second testimonial is totally made in Italy as is the brand he wears.
Between the star and the owner of the brand in question there is a deep friendship, an artistic collaboration and a lot of shared madness.
Do you understand who we are talking about?
Jovanotti chose to wear Saturnino Eyewear , a brand with whimsical tones, the most creative shapes and a lot of originality, a bit like Lorenzo's artistic soul.
For these glasses we choose to combine an oval face shape with harmonious features. This conformation is perfect for daring and therefore choosing unusual and angular models just like the frame in the photo by Saturnino Eyewear.
An extravagant look, right?


The brand in question aims to stimulate curiosity with its refined pieces with attention to detail. His young, fresh and contemporary sunglasses are much appreciated by It Girls and celebrities such as JLo and Beyonce.
Sunday Somewhere seeks quality, simplicity and originality.
The face that wears them has a round conformation with full cheeks and a not very accentuated chin. This butterfly frame elongates the face making it appear objectively longer.
The end result is very, very, beautiful.


This time we want to surprise you a little.
He is not a style icon and is not always remembered for his “right” outfits. However, his presence on the pitch leaves you speechless. Who are we talking about?
Of the sex symbol of Italian football Cristiano Ronaldo who chose VAVA for a truly elegant look.
The model in question with the flat Barberini glass lenses and Avional hinges goes perfectly with his square face.
In short, passed with flying colors!


In this case, however, the star has a great influence on the trends of the younger ones and over time has confirmed herself as an icon of style and elegance, in step with the latest trends while never disdaining that lively twist that has distinguished her since the beginning .
We are talking about the beautiful Miley Cyrus in a look that confirms great personality.
In fact, she is wearing a very particular piece from the Sunday Somewhere collection in two-tone.
The star's face has a shape that resembles a heart, with high cheekbones and a pointed chin. The ideal glasses are the ones you wear, which play with a combination of round and square with a soft and original effect.
To be noted.


In addition to his career in the music world, Will.i.am is also active behind the scenes of the fashion world. He chose to wear one piece VAVA , one of our most followed and appreciated brands that denotes a strong attention to style and current trends.
Hers can be considered a curvy face with a fairly large head shape. For those who see themselves in this category we recommend important glasses , proportional to the size of the face and with brighter and more defined colors that highlight the lines of the glasses.
In short, original and never predictable pieces, just like the proposals of the VAVA brand.

In short, it confirms itself as a season waiting to be discovered, with various twists and looks that are never predictable.
Our famous testimonials anticipated the new proposals and, in our opinion, combined them with elegance and originality.
For us, the choice of brands is a confirmation of the importance that our brands have on the international scene.
The good news is that you can find all the pieces offered in ours online shop and you can choose to purchase them and confirm the choices of our stars with a simple click.

Let's go shopping!


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