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Vintage in technicolor

by Luca Casamassima on April 01, 2019

Try to think of an old vinyl that tells of soul mixed with jazz with a slightly suffocated but warm sound that transports you to long-gone, blurry and nostalgic scenarios.

By placing the needle on the grooves, the vinyl forces you to have a respect for the music that you otherwise wouldn't have and precisely because of the delicacy of this maneuver, you certainly can't skip the pieces as you do wildly with the smartphone.

The same goes for this article, written on a cold keyboard that replaced the engaging noise of a typewriter that marked the longest and most intense time compared to the frenetic pace of our days.

Let's think of a somewhat heavy camera from a few decades ago, which imposes its presence and takes moments that have the flavor of art and poetry and have little to do with the vanity of our millennium.

There are clichés that we must definitively dispel, others that remain cornerstones over time, such as vintage that knows no sunset.

When we talk about this " mood of the past " we should move away from the mental association that refers to dull colours, faded images and muted tones lacking in liveliness.

The meaning of this term is based on the concept of timelessness , It freezes time, gives more value.

We want to slow down and reevaluate the entire context of times past, its rhythms, its search for authenticity that we lack today.

Because ultimately there is only one point: we cannot and cannot detach ourselves from our past, which is what gives us a true identity.

So let's get rid of the somewhat faded image that revolves around the concept of retro and open ourselves to a vision more linked to poetry, to the scents of the past, to authentic style.


We find this way of being on the best catwalks, in the most sophisticated outfits and in some accessories such as our beloved glasses.

The tendency is therefore to retrace the successes of the past in some cases leaving them as they were without changing details, only the context.

In fact, they are combined with the futuristic tones of today and therefore acquire a different flavour.

What remains unchanged is their intrinsic light which gives added value.

Today we tell you about this nostalgic dimension with the presentation of two models that we are sure will make you breathe this retro atmosphere that shines through and which, as we said a few lines ago, illuminates.

Don't you also love vintage because it brings you back to memories that you don't want to forget? What characters do you keep dreaming about? A style that you can't replace?

We therefore talk about this continuous search for art, fashion and trends in a contemporary retro key.

The pieces we chose are from the famous house Rayban , brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses designed for aviators by Bausch & Lomb.

The difference between a "retro/vintage style" pair of glasses compared to a truly vintage one can be seen from the manufacturing details and the superior craftsmanship quality.

We present our proposals to you.



If there is a sunglasses brand that over time has had the ability to make stars into true icons, it is this one Rayban .

The Wayfarer model was born in 1950 ready to become a revolutionary and cutting-edge icon thanks to the use of plastic.

They were launched by James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, and they then became an integral part of the Blues Brothers uniform in the 80s.

Not only the world of cinema but also that of music finds the perfect style allies in Wayfarer. Johnny Marr of The Smiths loved this model which also appeared in "Club Tropicana", the pop anthem by Wham!, or on Madonna on the cover of Lucky Star.

Our example is a real gem, not easy to find, satin gold metal frame with Bausch&Lomb lenses in tempered crystal in the G15 color (Ray-Ban's classic grey-green).

This model represents a rare variant of the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, a small limited production of this series in metal.

B&L engravings on the lenses on the side near the hinges, double guarantee seal from the official Italian distributor API, sticker on the left lens advertising the Ray-Ban sponsor at the 1992 Olympic Games.

On the left temple there is the shiny golden Ray-Ban logo, contrasting with the matt of the frame.

A myth.



From the genius of Fitzgerald was born a story that marked an era and outlined very defined stylistic traits that represent the heart of vintage as we can imagine it today.

Mr. Gatsby's look still inspires our outfits and we find it in these refined, elegant, unique glasses.

This model unisex is among the most iconic in the history of the Ray-Ban brand.

Unfindable with black acetate frame with double bridge in golden metal, Bausch&Lomb lenses in tempered crystal in the color G15 (the classic Ray-Ban grey-green)

B&L engravings on the lenses on the side near the hinges, double guarantee seal from the official Italian API distributor.

The metal Ray-Ban logo plate is embossed on both temples.

Superlative and fascinating, choose it if you feel up to such impressive glasses.

Ray-Bans are loved by celebs of all time. Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson never separated from them, while today the optical and sunglass models are among the most popular among fashion and entertainment personalities of the caliber of Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner.

There is no age, gender or era that doesn't get kidnapped.

"There are those who wear sunglasses to have more charisma and symptomatic mystery...", so Franco Battiato sang in White flag In 1981.

And so it has always been a bit.

Just as vinyl is full of mysterious signs, writings engraved at the end of each side, which alone set the imagination in motion, even vintage glasses will set you apart.

On side A “It will remind you of the time, style and scents of the past", on side B “It will always remain current, with an edge, authentic.”

We believe we have told you a style, now it's up to you to wear it...


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