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Eyewear trends from the winter season to summer 2019

by Luca Casamassima on March 12, 2019

What awaits us?

Sunglasses are a timeless or seasonal accessory, a must to wear on any occasion, to match with all outfits, in short, a clear statement of style.
However, we want to tell you about the trends that will most characterize summer 2019.

Winter state of style

The cold season featured oversized frames that gave our faces an elegant and refined allure.
Our brands have focused on colour, oversized structures and the feline shape.
The common denominators of the winter trends were originality and extravagance.

The most seen colors?

Yellow, orange, pink, green and black.
Eccentric and scenographic they certainly did not go unnoticed.

The most original shapes?

Mask, heart, square or butterfly.

The most loved trend?

We retraced the legendary Seventies with see-through effects, with massive or hyper-thin structures and the tortoise that no longer misses a beat.

And so far, we are quite prepared.

But which masterpieces will the sun of summer 2019 reflect on?

Great expectations for the new products and excellent confirmations of the winter trends.
Let's surf a bit and discover all the news in the ocean of international eyewear, and then take a closer look at our virtual showcase.
Oversize is confirmed in the hot season with more squared and designer shapes for an edgy and decisive look.
Speaking of colors we cannot exclude any nuance. We have a clear contrast between warm and cold tones but nothing is excluded. The inevitable black caviar confirms itself as the timeless four-season must.

Let's travel in time a bit

The 70s are reconfirmed, already in vogue in the winter season with the ski goggle models and the strong metal lettering.
We then retrace the 80s with some frames with a punk and colorful allure.
We arrive at the beloved 90s, much talked about in recent days due to the loss of two stars considered the icons of this decade. In fact, we want to remember the legendary Luke Perry who with his premature death left a great void among his fans.
It is precisely 90210 that some of this season's pieces take inspiration from, proposing a decisive and nostalgic revival. It almost seems like a tribute to the myth of Beverly Hills. Don't miss them!
On the notes of “Please don't go” we conclude this fresh overview by moving from time travel to a fairly new trend and not very present in the proposals of recent years.
We are talking about lines defined by a very youthful scent and audacity that evoke childish tones and characters and play with playful shapes.
We therefore want to relive at least in the look some past emotions that are still present in the soul of the evergreens.

In our showcase

As promised, let's take a look at our virtual shelves and see what Mister Bux offers us for the summer.


The first piece we propose recalls a trend already present last season and confirmed for summer 2019: glasses with a feminine and attractive tone.
It is an example of Lamarca Eyewear and as you can see in the photo it is more of a frame than a frame.
Intriguing and daring to say the least, these sunglasses will give light to your face.
Note the chiseling which is a process used widely in jewelery and manages to give a brilliant effect as if there were rhinestones.
Excellent workmanship and carvings that characterize unique frames and which summarize the feminine being in every detail.


Let's move from the gentle tones of Lamarca to the futuristic features of a brand considered innovative in the world.
We are talking about Monoqool an eyewear brand that aims to make a change in the world of eyewear by offering glasses with highly sought-after materials.
In fact, they are developing software that will allow them to print custom-made glasses designed and adaptable to everyone's face. The print is obtained by joining layers of polyamide of just 0.1 millimeters.
For its technology and design, it won the German Design Award in 2018.
Innovation, technology and lightness, seeing is believing.

Saturnino Eyewear

Our latest proposal is ultra-light, fresh with a summer flavour.
We are talking about a piece of Saturnino Eyewear in shiny metal, gold color combined with lenses as blue as the sea. It is precisely the prelude to a season characterized by lightheartedness and simplicity with the usual touch of modernity that never hurts.

Have we been clear enough?
Lots of sun is coming so don't be caught unprepared.
Now you know what is most "right" to wear, all you have to do is let yourself be inspired and treat yourself to the piece that most identifies you with a simple click !


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