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Extravagant glasses

by Luca Casamassima on May 29, 2019

We like to think of ourselves as a timeless shop, where you can breathe the excellence of manufacturing and the craftsmanship of eyewear.
Our shelves host glasses that aim to be style icons, which always excite.
We feel a strong synergy with all our brands.
The choice of pieces that we display "in the shop" is accurate and meticulous. We like to look at international realities, look for vintage gems and models, rediscover " handmade with love ".
We chose the payoff of one of the brands we love most, Res/Rei , to underline the strong inclination towards exclusivity of our glasses.
It is a choice aimed at preserving the quality, aesthetics and refinement of our proposals.

Our project is to be followed by those who are inspired by these notes.
For some they will be out of tune, for others they will produce brilliant symphonies.


“Our” glasses are created to amaze, we sell them for the same reason.
The history of the commercial sector teaches us that particularly contrasting historical moments have alternated.
After a moment of 'hangover' from industrial production, assembly lines, mass-produced glasses, the world of fashion, design and even that of food are rediscovering the importance of differentiating themselves and creating exclusive products.
This trend also affects the world of eyewear .
The need to be unique is not only a question of aesthetics but also of quality.

You don't want to give up anything when it comes to this crucial accessory.
Glasses, in fact, can define any style, tell it, pass it down.
There are musthave of centuries-old production houses that have written history and still continue to be highly followed examples.
This cry for nonconformity is our strong point in such a competitive and often predictable sector.
We are looking for those who study every detail, research the particular, have quality as a fundamental attribute.


All this is certainly innovation.
High-end eyewear, which uses increasingly precious materials and carves frames as if they were jewels. In this regard we mention the brand Ahlem which certainly represents a guarantee in terms of qualitative and manufacturing excellence.

Maximum attention to detail for a style that reflects the codes of casual elegance for which some of our maisons are renowned.
For example, let's mention two French brands whose productions are very interesting and aim to reinvent themselves every season as is done on the catwalk.
We are talking about PlasticDelux and JFrey who with their collections create special alchemies between classic and modern style.

Let's not forget the timeless vintage touch inspired by the 70's - 80's and, this season, even the 90's which gave us some extravagant and creative sunglasses.
Our advice is to take a peek at the Summer Edition collection by the master Andy Wolf and at the daredevil Saturnino .

We conclude the advice review mustfollow with ours PAWAKA which produces models that blend with the lightness of the shapes and the technical avant-garde of the materials.

They are precious, unalterable, impossible to imitate. They are strong, decisive, unparalleled brands.
They focus on extravagance, sometimes on creativity, sometimes on mere aesthetic beauty.

In all cases they know where to insinuate themselves, among the deepest desires of those who want to be unique.


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