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Mido 2019 between art and innovation

by Luca Casamassima on March 04, 2019

We were clear from the beginning.

We would have told you about news, trends, tips and gems about the world of eyewear. To demonstrate our commitment and interest in always ensuring you the best, we collect all this information by participating in the most "right" events and creating partnerships and collaborations with the best brands on the market.

And where could we find the most exclusive previews of the eyewear universe? To the MIDO Eyewear Show 2019 an explosion of art, fashion, design and innovation. What has this appointment with style given us?

Don't call it an accessory...

We were full of expectations that were widely awaited and which allowed us to collect new creative ideas to bring to our store.

In this regard, there was the opportunity to appreciate and order different models of the most faithful accessory of every pair of glasses: the famous chain.

The Eyewear mood this season plays a lot with explosive colours, unusual materials and eccentricity that is never out of context. In particular, we appreciated a variant with acetate rings which will soon be available for purchase from our online store.

Who makes the rules...

MIDO 2019 hosted several exhibitors of proven excellence such as AirDP by AirEyeWear who created new glasses called " Paris in Love ", dedicated to the theme of love, the French brand BAARS Eyewear who announced the release of his innovative 'Roboter ' sunglasses, with a surprising acetate design, the new Blackfin collections, BOZ by JeanFrançois Rey which announced five new models made entirely in France for lovers of "luxury" and much more.

However, we want to tell you about our meeting with a character much appreciated by professionals and much loved by us, a style icon who appears on our virtual shelves with his never predictable collections.

Let's talk about Saturnino Celani who revealed to us the reason for some of the names of his frames Saturnino Eyewear which are inspired by the famous bass strings. The comparison was enlightening for us, we addressed topics related to the trends that await you in the next season as well as softer and more intimate comments regarding the world of music to which Saturnino is very attached and committed.

We couldn't miss the stop at Nina Mûr which gave us new, very intriguing experiences in wood and laminate.

What do we take home...

There were many new features at MIDO 2019, in particular related to design and innovation. However, we want to underline the new exclusive proposals that you will find in our store thanks to your participation in this great event.

We are talking about two really interesting lines: GOTTI & Veronika Wildgruber .

At the moment, however, we don't want to reveal too much, we will soon tell you about the universe of these new brands, right here.

Stay tuned!

In short, the MIDO 2019 experience was without a doubt exhilarating, full of inspirational content that we will show you in the next in-store and online exhibitions.

What else can I say: fashion runs, style remains. We always chase him....you?


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