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Born to be...

by Luca Casamassima on February 06, 2019

Here we are. Today the eyewear BLOG is born, a container of trends, advice, designs and gems on the world of glasses, lenses and more.

It is dedicated to those who love to stay updated on the coolest brands and trends to follow, to those who want to stand out and "build" their own style.

We will talk about materials, colors, shapes and collections to direct you to the purchase that is most in line with your way of being. For each season we will combine its nuance, the local and overseas trend, the most innovative brand.

We will introduce you to Italian and international designers, futurists and lovers of timeless vintage. Mister Bux is always ready to set out to discover the new horizons of eyewear and the most sought-after trends in the sector. The entire world will be our territory of exploration to discover the most important optical companies and the most original eyewear artisans.

Is there the "right" pair of glasses that represents your unique being? Our semi-virtual assistant Luna will be there to accompany you on your search journey with advice on the frame, shapes and colors of the perfect glasses.

We will not neglect comfort but also the health of the eyes by talking about how to protect them from the light of the computer or smartphone, which glasses are most suitable for children or for those who practice sports; we will also have room for incredible optical illusions and visual paradoxes.

All you have to do is set an alert and wait with curiosity for the next article to arrive. Coming soon…


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