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Design Your, not for everyone but first and foremost

by Luca Casamassima on April 11, 2019

Today we're talking to you about a trip, without plane tickets but with a destination close by and deeply felt by the four visionaries, organizers of the eyewear event, Design Yours .
We want to tell you the story of this journey because it involves our Mr Bux personally as the mind, heart and soul of a project that is renewed for the seventh edition in the beloved land of Puglia, precisely in a pavilion of the famous Fiera del Levante of the capital .
Yes, because this journey has the city of Bari as its destination, the crossroads of the four opticians who created, organized and promoted the event.


The idea was born to give shape and prestige to an annual appointment with art & The design combined with the world of glasses.
In fact, voice is given to new trends, particular creations, artists in the sector who exhibit unique and original pieces, far from the classic mood.
The objective is to put this new concept in contact with opticians who wish to delve deeper into the culture of the product and who want to learn about new proposals, different contents and quality frames.
Knowledge of brands that produce out of the ordinary gives added value to the offer that our stores can guarantee to increasingly informed and demanding customers.
In fact, the choice of glasses is greatly influenced by fashion, social status and why not also by the personality that this accessory communicates by wearing it.
This is precisely what we want to convey, a message of freedom of thought and expression through glasses.


The event was born in times that were not exactly propitious to welcome news and particularities without hesitation.
Seven years ago it was thought it was still too early to be understood and appreciated.
The predictions were fortunately proven wrong and a sparkling container was born, followed and in some cases replicated.
The strength of this discovery has allowed the organizers to start again every year with more participation, with growing numbers and recognition from both professionals and eyewear enthusiasts.


This year 52 exhibitors participated and made the creative idea clear, underlined the genius and told the story of the imagination.
The founders' idea is to create this space of ideas, sharing and emotion, also offering moments of "live" creativity.


The universe of eyewear is today inextricably linked to art, design and technology in a combo that always offers innovations in step with the times.
In this edition we had the pleasure of hosting two excellent designers who created, in real time, a collection signed Design Your.
They are Laura Rattaro and Fabio Stramare, who design for many exclusive brands, including LaMarca and Dandy's respectively.
The capsule launched was explosive.

We would like to underline the diversity of the design adopted by the two designers and the perfect and cutting-edge result of the collection produced.
Laura Rattaro, in fact, works by combining ideas, passion and imagination, using innovative technological means through the now inevitable PC.
Result: a dive into a world of colours, art and innovation.

The designer Stamare, on the other hand, uses entirely handmade, artisanal and complex production techniques for an excellent manufacturing result.
The glasses are born before your eyes, a memorable experience, not to be missed.
Two ways of conceiving work, two equally spectacular and original results.
Design Your is just that, a breathtaking experience between innovation and tradition.


We want to conclude this piece with the words of Sabino Bux , who believes in the beauty of this meeting and wants to pass it on with his commitment and passion:

“The project was born in 2012 with two other friends and colleagues, Michele Cassano and Costantino Gesualdo. We decided that it was time to create an event dedicated exclusively to research and design eyewear because at the time it was difficult to find glasses in this sector. We then thought of clearing the concept that designer eyewear was intended only for a small niche, trying to make it affordable for all our optician colleagues. All this associated with our passion and the desire to increasingly transmit the culture of eyewear. In fact, Design Your is not limited to simple exhibitions but also includes moments of discussion and growth; this is why we invited important designers and communication experts. Since 2012, many steps forward have been made, the result is that today the number of fairs dedicated exclusively to the world of designer eyewear has grown considerably.
For our part, the 2019 edition was the one that saw the most participation from companies with more than 100 brands presented.
We also have some news in store for the future. I can anticipate that it would be nice to open the event also to the end user, the person who will ultimately wear the glasses, a public that is increasingly attentive to refined and original accessories".


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