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Ahlem: a philosophy of life

by Luca Casamassima on February 22, 2019

Who doesn't love Paris, France, the elegant movements of a city that represents the beating heart of fashion?
Wearing a French-made accessory transports you into this scenario of class dressed in simplicity.

Our flagship made in France is Ahlem eyewear

The sinuous and prestigious collections boast precious materials and inserts with a never predictable design.
The sunglasses and eyeglasses company was born from the passion of its founder, the Parisian Ahlem Manai-Platt , now living in Los Angeles. It explores the relationship between beauty, functionality and design and represents the true essence of Paris and its citizens.
We are talking about out-of-the-ordinary craftsmanship, with maximum attention to detail and the materials chosen. The frames are all made with vintage acetates from the archive of the historic Italian brand Mazzuchelli while for the lenses only the French ones are used Crizal , which give superior UVA/UVB protection and have an anti-reflective coating.

Unique and handmade pieces

It doesn't need much introduction, Ahlem it is the brand for those who love to stand out at any "cost", because each piece is unique and has an economic value that is not within everyone's reach. This detail, however, does not discourage the success of the brand which has been a certainty in the eyewear market for many years.

We want to conclude the presentation of this brand which, as can be seen, we love very much, with the words of its founder.

“I wanted my collection to represent the real Paris, a city that is told not by its trends, but by its people. From the frenzy of hard work of artists and intellectuals to those who take time to relax and be happy.”
Ahlem manai-Platt

Ahlem means attention to detail and no compromise on quality

All models are designed in Venice, California and manufactured in Oyonnax, France. The design of Ahlem it reflects a philosophy that is expressed in a relationship between simplicity, beauty and functionality.
We want to underline that this brand is never influenced by any current trend or fashion. The glasses Ahlem they are an extension of the personality of the wearer and at the same time timeless classics.


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