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At Christmas give a pair of glasses

by Luca Casamassima on November 29, 2019

Ready to tackle your gift list this Christmas?

Every year the question is always the same: what to put under the tree.

There are those who are already starting to jot down ideas and maybe even make some purchases, given that the #blackfriday trend has also been raging in Europe for a few years.
Yes, because being operational well in advance has become synonymous with savings.

This year, buying in-store from Bux Optics has its big "why"!
We are redoing our look and for this reason we have moved behind our historic civic building.
So, we thought we'd offer our customers a 30% discount on the purchase of all models, beating the long-awaited Black Friday to the punch.

What's better than such an advantageous discount in the most commercial period of the year?

It goes without saying that it's time to take advantage of Christmas shopping as soon as possible and get yourself some super cool glasses.
The promo is valid until the transfer has taken place and the guys' construction site is super #inProgress.
So don't waste your time or the chance to choose from as many models as possible. Our pieces, as our customers declare, are amazing and range from the most prestigious brands on the local and international scene.
Even the style is no exception and ranges from futuristic to the latest catwalk trends, never neglecting the world of vintage.
So, first tip for the present to make or give as a gift to the people closest to you.

Another great reason to give one of our glasses as a gift?

Let's not overlook the surprise effect of opening an elegant package under the tree.
Our glasses represent designer accessories, with a unique and refined style.
So men, here's an excellent alternative to the classic Christmas gift. Clearly nothing stops you from doing the opposite and choosing nice glasses for your partner.

Another good reason concerns sunglasses.

Who said they are only purchased in the sunny months. In reality, choosing it now allows you to take advantage of the most sought-after and popular models of the moment.
Not to mention the trips to the snow-capped mountains.
Having excellent sunglasses will allow you to protect yourself from UV rays which do not go on holiday even in winter.

There are many reasons, the models too, there's plenty of style, we'll also give you a truly incredible discount.
What more can I say other than that at Christmas treat yourself or give yourself a pair of glasses?


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